Customer Success Manager

Job description

It is a role that goes by many names – some know it as ‘Customer Strategist’, others call it ‘Customer Success Manager’ – some even know it as ‘Stuart’. No matter what you call it, it is a role of extreme importance as it deals with our most valuable commodity – our customers.

You’ll be working with a range of hotels from all over the world, ensuring our clients are as happy and well tended to as the tulips you started growing because you live in Amsterdam now.

Like a majestic eagle looking after her eaglets (is that what a baby eagle is called? That doesn’t sound right...), you’ll nurture relationships with our customers and provide them with only the very best service. This includes full visibility of their strategy, objectives, hopes and to a lesser extent, dreams – making sure our product and solution is working harder to achieve them than a one-armed man clapping.

Oh and we checked Wikipedia – a baby eagle is definitely called an eaglet.

What you’ll do with us

  • Customer Support: just like Batman, you use the tools at your disposal to come to the aid of our customers. Unlike Batman, your tools are a phone, email and website chat. So... maybe Chatman is a better example?

  • Customer Relationship Management:  Every day you wake up asking “How can I make my customers happier and more successful today?” – hopefully most days you’ll have an answer too;

  • Customer Strategy: you bring the strategy like Beyoncé brings the hits – sure she’s got widespread appeal but everyone knows Single Ladies is my jam and my jam alone. Working with our Quality Team and Communications you’ll be rolling out strategic performance updates en masse to our customer base but also making each customer feel special through assessing, evaluating and bring your insights to their Quarterly Business Reviews.

  • Admin and communication: are the bread and butter to the delicious sandwich that is our customer relationship – without them and you’ve got some sort of disorganised salad of misalignment and missed opportunities. Gross.


What you bring to the team:

  • Experience with high-level Customer Service, preferably in a SaaS and/or E-commerce environment – helping with your aunt’s Etsy store doesn’t count

  • A basic knowledge of CRO, Web Analytics, Data Insight and E-commerce in general

  • Bachelor or Masters degree in a marketing or commercial field

  • Commercially driven mindset in an analytical mind

  • Experience working with Google Analytics (preferable)

  • Excellent English with bonus points for at least one other European language

  • Tech savvy

What we give to you

  • A group of energetic, multicultural and totally good-looking colleagues (more than 20 nationalities in a team of 60 people!)

  • The opportunity to carve your own signature into the growth story of Hotelchamp, one of the hottest startups in Europe

  • As the old guy in Spiderman says, with great power, comes great responsibility – take control of your development and guide where you want to take your career within the company

  • Thank God it’s Thursday – Thursday drinks with the whole team and Thursday company lunch on us

  • Some of the most competitive but poorly skilled pub trivia players in the world – prepare to be challenged (and probably victorious)

  • A huge office in – the biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe for start-ups, creatives and corporates. Featuring two lounges, a gym, and rooftop bar/restaurant overlooking the city, B.Amsterdam is like a miniature Silicon Valley – but without all of the expensive real-estate or self-driving cars

What makes a Champ

You might have heard a lot of things about working in a start-up. Honestly, we’re guilty of some of them – free drinks, a young team with funny accents from all over the world, and at least one of our developers has a beard.  And also like a lot of start-ups, we’re growing at the speed of a cheetah on a skateboard going down a hill.

So what makes Hotelchamp different to other startups? The short answer is how we treat you. We celebrate the individual success of each and every employee, we’re just as interested in your development as our own, and we’ll absolutely push you to your limits – but never too far. We know that our company is only as good as the people who work here, so we only hire the best and the brightest. Because that’s what it takes to be a Champ.