Senior Product Manager

Job description

Why we want you

Like a glorious and wild stallion, our product is full of power and potential to take us both far and fast. But also like a wild stallion, we need someone to reign in its majestic capabilities, saddle it up in the proper way, and point it in the right direction.

That’s where you come in pardner!

(Sorry, I’m going through a bit of a cowboy phase – let’s talk more about the role)

Hotelchamp is on the hunt for a Senior Product Manager to help harness the unbridled potential of our product. Like a horse-whisperer, you identify and deeply understand customer behaviours and needs through user research and industry analysis. Whilst you work closest with the product and development teams, you lead the charge on aligning the whole company on the product strategy – empowering all parts of the business to unlock maximum value out of our product.


What you’ll be doing with us:

  • Leading structured workflow for collecting qualitative customer feedback

  • Identifying, defining and verifying customer value and product goals

  • Pioneering with the data team on delivering valuable data-driven solutions

  • Managing the product roadmap and working closely together with the product owner on validating the roadmap

  • Structured company alignment on the product roadmap

  • Holding teams accountable for agreed product and dev milestones


What you bring to the team:

  • 5+ years experience working as a product manager

    • BONUS points: Experience at a SaaS company

    • BONUS points: Experience in travel tech

    • BONUS points: Experience in the start-up or scale-up world

  • Experience in agile development driven companies

  • Experience with strong, data-powered products

  • History of Product and Project Management

  • A Strategic mindset

  • Confidence in managing side-ways

  • The ability to match and prioritise specific deliverables and projects relative to overarching objectives

  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English

  • Ability to zoom out and use a helicopter-like view for decision making and alignment meetings/presentations

  • Ability to ride a horse is awesome, but in no way will impact our decision

What we give to you

  • A group of energetic, multicultural and totally good-looking colleagues (over 20 nationalities in a team of 60 people!)

  • The opportunity to carve your own signature into the growth story of Hotelchamp, one of the fastest growing startups in Europe

  • As the old guy in Spiderman says, with great power, comes great responsibility – take control of your development and guide where you want to take your career within the company

  • Thank God it’s Thursday – Thursday drinks with the whole team and Thursday company lunch on us

  • Some of the most competitive but poorly skilled pub trivia players in the world – prepare to be challenged (and probably victorious)

  • A huge office in – the biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe for start-ups, creatives and corporates. Featuring two lounges, a gym, and rooftop bar/restaurant overlooking the city, B.Amsterdam is like a miniature Silicon Valley – but without all of the expensive real-estate or self-driving cars

What makes a Champ

You might have heard a lot of things about working in a startup. Honestly, we’re guilty of some of them – free drinks, a young team with funny accents from all over the world, and at least one of our developers has a beard. And also like a lot of start-ups, we’re growing at the speed of a cheetah on a skateboard going down a hill. So what makes Hotelchamp different to other startups? The short answer is how we treat you. We celebrate the individual success of each and every employee, we’re just as interested in your development as our own, and we’ll absolutely push you to your limits – but never too far. We know that our company is only as good as the people who work here, so we only hire the best and the brightest. Because that’s what it takes to be a Champ.